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Comic Review: SUPREME BLUE ROSE #1

SUPREMEBR01_cover-195x300And now for something completely different.

Supreme Blue Rose is an entirely new take on the world of Supreme, the Superman proxy created by Rob Liefeld and helmed for years by Alan Moore. In Blue Rose #1, writer Warren Ellis steps in to apply his own unique take on the Supreme world, and combined with wonderfully engaging art by Tula Lotay the team produces a vision that bears little resemblance to anything we’ve seen before with the characters.

Similar to the approach used by Brandon Graham and company on Prophet (another Liefeld creation) and James Robinson on Starman, Supreme Blue Rose takes stock of the existing history of the title and reconstructs the elements in a way that’s both pleasing to longtime readers and completely accessible to those who’ve never heard of Supreme, let alone read an issue. It’s Image by way of ‘90s Vertigo, with an energy that feels entirely of the present.

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