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Comic Review: SUPERMAN #33

superman-33-cover-195x300Two solid issues of Superman in a row? The new DC, there’s no stopping them now!

The Man of Steel’s refresh era continues in Superman #33, with writer Geoff Johns and long-time Marvel artist John Romita Jr. bringing readers part two of their “Man of Tomorrow” story. While not quite as explosive as their first issue, the story is rich with strong dialogue and delivers a concrete sense of character throughout.

A good portion of the issue is centered on the happenings of the Daily Planet offices and the dynamic cast of characters who work there. Johns’ script continues to bring Clark Kent’s supporting team to full life in a way that’s reminiscent of the best moments of the John Byrne years and Superman: The Animated Series. The message to readers seems to be that this is a return to Clark’s classic newsroom setup.

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