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LadyDarke 3 is live on Kickstarter

The campaign for LadyDarke #3 is live on Kickstarter! Back today to reserve your copy. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ladydarke/ladydarke-3-into-the-void The issue is 100% complete, and I’ll be sharing sneak peeks at pages and covers in updates throughout the 30 days of the campaign. This issue is a new high water mark for LadyDarke, […]

LadyDarke #3 live on Kickstarter TOMORROW!

My latest comic LadyDarke #3 goes live on Kickstarter tomorrow! Sign up for notifications here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ladydarke/ladydarke-3-into-the-void?ref=clipboard-prelaunch This is the best issue of LadyDarke yet, as Laura’s journey continues in surprising and unexpected ways. New depths, new mysteries, and new characters debut! There’s excitement on every page as LadyDarke continues in […]

George Perez, Master of the Multiverse

George Perez is one of those rare comic book creators who seems to channel something otherworldly with their art. It’s not just raw draftsmanship or the skill of constructing anatomy and buildings, Perez brings stories to life. A strange, alternate universe of energy and character bubbling about like a four-color […]

Announcing LadyDarke!

Hello Internet! I’m super thrilled to announce my next comic book is underway: LadyDarke #1! Meet Laura Lenox, LadyDarke! LadyDarke is a supernatural superhero story that tells the tale of Laura Lenox. Laura carries the ancient mantle of her arcane family while struggling to get through the daily grind of […]