Crisis Vector

Crisis Vector is an all-new action adventure comic book series from creator Erik Radvon and a worldwide team of superstar artists: Samir Simão, Ross Taylor, Rob Croonenborghs, and Micah Myers.

Described as “Back to the Future meets Conan the Barbarian”, Crisis Vector has received rave reviews for its first two independently produced issues. The creative team has just wrapped production on the final chapter, Crisis Vector #3, and is now in the process of collecting the story in a single volume.

The comics


Crisis Vector blends Jack Kirby’s Fourth World, Japanese roleplaying games, and ’80s rock operas together into an incredible epic tale with memorable characters and non-stop creativity. Written and created by Erik Radvon, featuring art by Samir Simao and Ross Taylor, with lettering by Micah Myers.

Young warrior Kir is grief stricken over the loss of his paternal hero, the oldfather Wulfor. When strange creatures attack the grave of his fallen relative, Kir is swept into an adventure that spans space, time, and reality!

With influences ranging from ’80s action movies to Japanese roleplaying video games, Crisis Vector is a tale of action, adventure, and family. It’s Dragon Ball Z for a new generation, and a love letter to those things we bond with and carry with us for all our lives.

Print editions

Check out PRINT EDITIONS of Crisis Vector #1 and #2. Full color, glossy pages, and no ads! These are pure comic books reminiscent of your favorite ’90s Image Comics. We spared no expense in making the best looking comic possible!

Digital editions

Crisis Vector #1 and #2 are also available as high-resolution, DRM-free digital downloads! Those looks FANTASTIC on a tablet or smartphone.

Accolades and early praise

Comic book reviewers, critics, and pros all love Crisis Vector.

“A joyous bar-crawl through every genre near and dear to a nerd’s heart, told with enough wit and charm to win over even the non-nerds in your life. Press play on this one!” – Phil Hester @philhester (Green Arrow, The Wretch).

Take a look at the praise from Comic Book Yeti:

It feels like an action sci-fi movie straight out of the ’80s. Like Conan the Barbarian starred in Back to the Future.

Comic Book Yeti, Crisis Vector #1 and #2 Review

Crisis Vector #1 also received positive review from acclaimed comic critic Pierce Lightning on their New Number One podcast. Check out the podcast below!

What’s next – Professional comic seeks publisher!

We need your help!

Crisis Vector is a full-color comic series with professional-level art, colors, and lettering. What started out as a one-shot has grown into near 100 pages of professional-grade graphic novel storytelling. It’s now time to take Crisis Vector over the finish line and get the Crisis Vector Perfect Collection 1.0 out into the world.

We’re aiming to pitch the series to various comic book publishers. As you can imagine, the onset of COVID-19 has slowed the pace of business and greatly affected the comic book market.

You can help us get the word out on Crisis Vector and make the case as to why comic shops should put the book on their shelves! Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and like/share/retweet our posts. And share a link to this page to your comic book reading friends so they can check out Crisis Vector and see what all the buzz is about!

The future

The next step for Crisis Vector is collecting all three oversized comic issues into one giant book- Crisis Vector Perfect Collection 1.0 – They’ll never take this from us.

With a bold design and incredible story and art, Crisis Vector Perfect Collection 1.0 is destined to jump off the stands and into readers hands! There’s nothing else like this coming from the indie comics world.

And who knows what lies beyond collection 1? The world of Crisis Vector is always expanding!

Crisis Vector Perfect Collection 1.0