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Erik Radvon has the capability of introducing you to a world that immediately grabs you and doesn’t let go until it’s finished with you.

Monkeys Fighting Robots – Creator Spotlight: Erik Radvon | Monkeys Fighting Robots

Comic Book Writer

Creator of comic book stories spanning multiple genres.

Crisis Vector is a joyous bar-crawl through every genre near and dear to a nerd’s heart, told with enough wit and charm to win over even the non-nerds in your life. Press play on this one!”

Phil Hester @philhester (Green Arrow, The Wretch)

The book utilizes its own shifting approach in a super unique and interesting way. You’re getting a fantasy story inside of a sci-fi story, and that makes it so much fun. I like that it could change up on you on a page turn. That is real comic making.

Comic Book Yeti – CRISIS VECTOR, ISSUES #1-2 (

Multimedia Journalist

Contributor to magazines, newspapers, television programs, and online media outlets.

Erik Radvon is a very talented writer and he found a new way to write about our band that was fresh.

Paul Vuona, Worcester Magazine

Technology Consultant

Consultant and marketing professional for IT firms from Silicon Valley to Boston.

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