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Two waves crashing

Today was was one of those days of clear and clean duality- no shades of grey, just stark black and white. My baby turned 6 months today! I used to scoff at people who measured their kids’ lives in weeks and months, before I knew anything. The journey from day […]

The Twilight Zone Election

I’ve followed American politics since before I could vote, finding it exciting and captivating, sometimes even fun. I naively and mistakenly thought I was accustomed to all the various tricks the murderous bloodsport had to offer, its unpredictable lurching, its penchant for absurd twists and turns. I should be used […]

When the Chips are Down

There’s a line in the 2005 movie Sin City that sticks with me. “A smoker’s a smoker when the chips are down.” I used to be a smoker, but years ago I chose life and dropped the vile habit. I now find my thrills by way of Starbucks espresso and […]

Favorite Things About 2014

Here’s a completely subjective breakdown of some of my favorite things about 2014, in no particular order. 1. Winter Soldier Yeah, I know Guardians of the Galaxy had the raccoon and the talking tree and the humor and the amazing soundtrack, but Marvel’s first 2014 offering, Captain America: The Winter […]