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Running on Empty in Winter 2017

Hello from the depths of winter 2017. My mental, physical, and spiritual reserves are at their natural nadir. The days are rusty gears grinding away- not much goes easy, but the job is getting done nonetheless. It was 65 degrees yesterday, in February, and the warm wind was exhilarating in its apocalyptic wrongness.

I’ve moved, set up shop in a typical old New England house in a typical old New England town surrounded by typical old New England people. I have a neighbor named Emil, a French Canadian, which makes sense in a place called French Hill, so at least some things still have a shred of meaning. My world is now Home Depot and paint and fumes and nails and mostly constant physical pain, all of which suits the season well. I feel like a light of relief is somewhere at the end of this tunnel, rays of sunshine cutting through dense clouds of suspended asbestos and 100 year-old dust. We’ll see come spring.

Somehow, amidst all this, writing efforts continue to chug along. I have a new story out in a handsome collection called Colonial Comics Volume II, edited by Jason Rodriguez. I’ve also finally begun promoting Crypt Zero, my indie comic completed late last year with artist Rob Croonenborghs and letters by Micah Myers. Details on where to get Colonial Comics and Crypt Zero are below. Looking ahead, the plate tectonics of new projects are slowing smashing together in my mind. I’d like to get two new books birthed into reality this year, one a companion piece of sorts to Crypt Zero, meaning more pulpy sci-fi with little commercial prospects, and the other something completely different- a teenage drama piece set in the glorious 1990s. American Graffiti/Dazed and Confused for the Clinton era. Again, we’ll see come spring.

Crypt Zero
Spaceman-for-hire Commander Dal is sent to a remote planet on a scouting mission. He finds an ancient crypt and a whole lotta talking dead things. A pulpy sci-fi thriller in the classic EC Comics tradition. Written and Published by Erik Radvon. Art by Rob Croonenborghs. Letters by Micah Myers.
Available for purchase online: https://www.radvon.com/comics/crypt-zero/
Available for retail purchase: That’s Entertainment, Fitchburg, MA

Colonial Comics, Volume II: New England, 1750–1775
A collection of original comic stories edited by Jason Rodriguez, Colonial Comics brings new takes and shines a light on untold stories from America’s colonial period. This volume features my story “The Call Up” with art by Noel Tuazon and colors by Rob Croonenborghs.
Buy it on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2lNi3fj

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