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Star Wars: Episode VII Cast Announced

The Good
Dude from Attack the Block
Andy Serkins (u mad Peter Jackson?)
Adam Driver
Max Von Sydow is legend.
Daisy Ridley looks like she could be the daughter of Harrison Ford and Carrier Fisher.

The Bad
Where’s Billy Dee Williams? Seriously, you’re making Episode VII and there’s no Lando? Megafail.

The Ugly
Episode 1 had an incredible cast on paper. Lack of direction made poor Natalie Portman seem like she was on the verge of suicide and Liam Neeson(s) had to sit through a 20 minute dinner scene with an untrained kid and talk about midichlorians against a green screen. Ewan McGregor was AWOL. Does anyone even remember that Terence Stamp was in the movie?

JJ Abrams had the benefit of Benedict Cumberbatch, Peter Weller, Leonard Nimoy, and Bruce Greenwood, plus his Abercrombie new blood Trek cast, and still dropped a turd with Star Trek Into Darkness.

Cautiously optimistic.

Star Wars: Episode VII hits theaters in 2015.

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