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Famous Monsters of Filmland 290

I have two feature articles in this year’s edition of FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND magazine!

It’s a huge honor to contribute to this legendary magazine. I covered John Carpenter’s incendiary THEY LIVE for its 30th anniversary (spoiler alert- it’s as relevant today as ever!) and also the 35th anniversary of a small independent picture called RETURN OF THE JEDI.

Thanks to editor Holly Interlandi and the whole team out there in California for having this New Englander take part. They’ve really put together an awesome collectible digest that’s sure to please monster and movie lovers.

You can check your local comic shop for a copy (here’s the Previews listing, your shop might be able to order one for you via this if they don’t have any in stock), or your favorite bookstore like Barnes and Noble. You can also order directly from the Famous Monsters folks themselves, and I’ll aim to have a few copies added to my store as well.

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