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Comic Review: Spread #1

spread-cover-image-comicsReading Spread #1 feels like popping in an old VHS tape with an intriguing painted cover only to discover an unnerving and unpredictable reel of weirdness play out. It’s creepy, gory, cold, and violent, and it’s also a lot of fun.

This is a horror story with a survivalist aspect to it, but writer Justin Jordan keeps Spread refreshingly free of the soap opera elements that litter the newly popularized genre. The take is more Mad Max than The Walking Dead, and the plot is executed through action rather than dialogue.

Fans of sci-fi, post-apocalyptic fiction, and scary stories will find a lot to love in Spread #1. Creators Jordan, Strahm, and Sobreiro blend classic genre elements together to produce something new and exciting. It’s an unnerving yet entertaining ride. Read this one late at night, and keep a few extra lights on.

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