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Comic Review: PROUD

proudShort stories are something of a lost art in the world of comics. They once dominated the field, with old 80-page giants and anthology titles offering readers collections of compact storytelling entertainment each month. Today, short stories are pretty rare and good ones rarer still.

In Proud by James Mulholland and Caitlin Soliman, the potency and power of the short comic story is on display in top form. Mulholland scripts a clear and concise tale with a dreamy vibe, and Soliman’s artwork wastes no time in driving the story home. The creators are really in sync here, which is vitally important considering the story’s length. With only four pages to get the job done, Mulholland and Soliman make each panel and caption count. There’s not enough space in such a short story for the smoothest of transitions, but bumps and all this is a very good read.

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