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Available now: PROS AND (COMIC) CONS

I have a piece in the new anthology PROS AND (COMIC) CONS from Dark Horse Comics and Bedside Press. My lil essay “A Lonely Place of Trying” delivers a stream of consciousness look at the mind of a writer (me) hanging in Artist Alley at comic conventions. Short version: It’s a weird experience.

This is great collection, featuring stories and art from Gold Tier talent like Brian Michael Bendis, Amy Chu, Jim Zub, Greg Pak, and many more. My inclusion came late and by complete surprise. Huge thanks to editor Hope Nicholson for seeing something of value in my words and including my work alongside that of some truly legendary creators. Hashtag grateful, hashtag blessed.

You can check out a preview of the book and interviews with the creators, including me, at Women Write About Comics:
https://womenwriteaboutcomics.com/2019/01/three-stars-and-a-wish-for-the-pros-of-the-pros-and-comic-cons/ I *really* love that they included my asides in this! (NERVOUS LAUGHTER, etc). So good, lol.

Speaking of asides, one small thing– I loved Dark Horse comics so much as a kid in the ’90s. Everything from Grendel to weird Tales of the Jedi Star Wars comics fueled my imagination and broke the concept of comics wide open for me. As I was writing and producing CRISIS VECTOR, I kept thinking the vibe was very much that of a mid-90s Dark Horse mini series. It’s pretty surreal to now see my name in a book with that iconic horse logo on the side. Super cool, friendos. Super. Cool.

PROS AND (COMIC) CONS is available at comic shops right now, and will be releasing at bookstores June 11. Check it out!

Diamond/Previews – If you’re local comic book shop didn’t receive a copy, they should be able to order one for you using this info:

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