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Three covers for LadyDarke #3

Here’s a look at the covers for LadyDarke Part III. The issue is live on Kickstarter right now!

LadyDarke #3 Standard Cover

First up, our main cover, featuring artwork by Emilio Utrera and colors by Arthur Hesli. You may notice that we’re sporting an all-new, all-different LadyDarke logo, designed by Micah Myers. The new logo is emblematic of the new direction LadyDarke is taking starting here and continuing in the issues ahead. 

LadyDarke #3 Shadow Shot Variant Cover

Here’s our variant cover, coming in with some strong Bronze Age energy! Enter Shadow Shot…Enter Death! The mysterious bounty hunter known only as Shadow Shot makes his debut in this issue. The character is featured here in all his menacing glory, with LadyDarke set in his sights. Artwork also by Utrera & Hesli.

Black Metal Glow in the Dark Cover

Lastly, we have our special black metal glow in the dark cover. I’m still working out the details with the printer to see what piece of artwork will work best with this very special treatment. It may be the standard cover artwork with some coloring changes to best capture the glow in the dark ink, or it may be another piece of art like this (without the lettering):

I’ll post whichever artwork we go with for the black metal cover in a future update very soon.

Stay tuned for more page reveals, character designs, and other sneak peeks from the issue in the weeks ahead. 


Thanks for reading LadyDarke!


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