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LadyDarke 2099

Here’s a glimpse of the future – or should I say, a future – from a particularly mindbending sequence in LadyDarke #3. Past, present, and future collide as Laura traverses the Darke Realms. Check out LadyDarke #3, live on Kickstarter right now! Check it out here. Artwork Emilio Utrera, Colors […]

Three covers for LadyDarke #3

Here’s a look at the covers for LadyDarke Part III. The issue is live on Kickstarter right now! LadyDarke #3 Standard Cover First up, our main cover, featuring artwork by Emilio Utrera and colors by Arthur Hesli. You may notice that we’re sporting an all-new, all-different LadyDarke logo, designed by Micah Myers. […]

LadyDarke 3 is live on Kickstarter

The campaign for LadyDarke #3 is live on Kickstarter! Back today to reserve your copy. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ladydarke/ladydarke-3-into-the-void The issue is 100% complete, and I’ll be sharing sneak peeks at pages and covers in updates throughout the 30 days of the campaign. This issue is a new high water mark for LadyDarke, […]