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Nightcrawler — and fun — return in AMAZING X-MEN #1

marvel-amazing-xmen-1Remember when the X-Men ruled the universe? In the 80s and 90s, the Uncanny X-Men weren’t just the coolest mutants in comics, they were the coolest fixtures across pop culture. Laden with sharp style, soap opera drama, and kinetic action, the X-Men were the pinnacle of escapist fun.

Marvel’s Mighty Mutants don’t quite radiate the white-hot heat they once did, but this week’s AMAZING X-MEN #1 by Jason Aaron, Ed McGuinness, and Dexter Vines does its part to at least return some fun to the oft dreary world of mutant affairs. Featuring the return of classic team member Nightcrawler, AMAZING X-MEN is a fun debut that’s thankfully light on the continuity and heavy on the good vibes. It doesn’t quite reach the top of Coolometer like X-books of old, but it comes close and is worth checking out for a dose of mutant superhero fun.

I reviewed AMAZING X-MEN #1 on Kabooooom.com:


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