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Comic Review: Armor Hunters #2

armor-hunters-2-cover-valiant-comicsArmor Hunters is an event book that feels like an event. Big stuff is happening and the repercussions look to be profound for the Valiant universe not just in these pages but in many issues to come. The inclusion of Valiant’s expanding roster of characters makes the action felt beyond just the circle of X-O Manowar, but does bog things down a tad. For fans of X-O, Armor Hunters #2 ratchets the threat level to a higher place than we’ve yet seen for the character and promises to leave Aric in a much different position than when the series started.

In what seems to be their specialty, Valiant once again boils superhero comics down to their core elements and succeeds in telling a dynamic and engaging story. Armor Hunters #2 is an event issue that actually feels eventful from start to finish.

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