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Hyperkin Shows Off RetroN 5 with Sega Power Base Converter

Hyperkin has released some new pictures of the RetroN 5 via its Facebook page. The images showcase the retro console’s compatibility with the Sega Power Base Converter, a peripheral produced for the Sega Genesis that provides backwards compatibility with Sega Master System cards and cartridges.

View the Latest RetroN 5 Pics on Hyperkin’s Facebook Page

Hyperkin released several photos of its upcoming RetroN 5 console paired with Sega’s Power Base Converter add-on.

Sega’s Power Base Converter sports a funky form factor and Hyperkin has done a great job designing the RetroN 5 to ensure that the peripheral fits. No word yet on whether the RetroN 5 will support other classic gaming add-ons like Nintendo’s Famicom Disk System, but we’re sure to hear more on additional compatibility from Hyperkin as a release date grows closer. The company has stated that the RetroN 5 will see release sometime in the first quarter of 2014.

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