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Hyperkin Retron 5 – April Release or Delayed Indefinitely?

Conflicting reports out there on the Interwebs regarding the fate of the Retron 5 console. Manufacturer Hyperkin is sticking to their guns and claim the retro gaming box will see wide release in April. However, with April now just a couple of weeks away and still no actual release date on the calendar, something seems off.

GimmeGimmeGames.com has a firsthand account of the console’s status stemming from a fan/retailer conversation at a recent convention. The unverified exchange drops the two most dreaded words in product development– delayed indefinitely. Hyperkin stress balls citing firmware woes were offered as a substitute.

Read: Retron 5 Delayed Indefinitely; Staff Handing Out Stress Balls to Disappointed Fans

Hyperkin has a decent track record producing NES clones and peripherals, but the multi-format, HDMI-enabled Retron 5 easily qualifies as the company’s most ambitious product to date. Has Hyperkin bitten off more than it can chew, or are these just late-stage rumors from anxious fans and retailers? We’ll know in April, either way.

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