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Voodoo Bird | 4 pages | Comic Book
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Inspired by the long-running “Tharg’s Future Shocks” segment found in British comic magazine 2000 A.D., this short story tells the tale of a hot new app that goes viral and becomes an instant global obsession…with a little help from ancient black magic. It’s Flappy Bird meets Invasion of the Body Snatchers!

Crypt Zero | 16 pages | Comic Book
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Explorer and treasure hunter for hire Commander Dal is dispatched by corporate scientists to a desolate planet on the outskirts of the known universe. No living being has set foot on its barren surface in a millennium. What ancient secrets lurk inside the planet’s only structure, the towering CRYPT ZERO? This 16-page comic story is an action/adventure story fusing Indiana Jones pulp heroics with dark humor and the sensibility of 2000 A.D. and Heavy Metal magazine.

The Adam of Dreams | 8 pages | Comic Book
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The story of Frankenstein’s monster is a familiar one, but the pop-culture rendition we’ve come to know masks the darkness residing underneath this tale of fathers and sons, creators and creations, mortals and higher powers. This 8-page comic story looks at the double-edged sword of creation and explores the fire of life and death through a literary and philosophical lens.

Mantua County | 8 pages | Comic Book
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“The world is not thy friend, nor the world’s law…” A young man seeking a quick exit shows up at the doorstep of a retired chemist, and the money is just too princely a sum to refuse. The chemist comes out of exile for one last job, to pay his poverty…and his conscience. MANTUA COUNTY is the setting for the Apothecary’s tale, the poison vendor in William Shakespeare “Romeo and Juliet.” Originally titled THE APOTHECARY.
Published in print and digital by Red Stylo Media in 2012 | Purchase MANTUA COUNTY comic